SortedList Concept in .Net

Provides a collection of key-value pairs where the items are sorted according to the key. The items are accessible by both the keys and the index.
static void Main()
SortedList sl = new SortedList();
sl.Add(18, "Java");
sl.Add(5, "C#");
sl.Add(11, "VB.Net");
sl.Add(1, "C++.Net");

Console.WriteLine("The items in the sorted order are...");
Console.WriteLine("\t Key \t\t Value");
Console.WriteLine("\t === \t\t =====");
for(int i=0; i<sl.Count; i++)
Console.WriteLine("\t {0} \t\t {1}", sl.GetKey(i),


Key Value

1 C++.Net
5 C#
11 VB.Net
18 Java

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